Saturday, June 30, 2012

men vs women (truth)

Woman in a relationship:
When a woman first realizes that she is in a relationship with a man of her dream, she will start dialing her BFF and friends and inform them about the ‘big’ news. She will start by telling them how he has made the move to actually want her to be his girlfriend. The bills at the end of the month,urgh.. abis terus duit poket. But she doesn’t care. Yang penting, boleh share the important moment with the girls.

Man in a relationship:
When a man first realizes that he has asked someone to become his girlfriend, he will go home, lock himself in the room and start telling himself, “Shit, what did I do?”

Woman in a relationship:
Woman in a relationship will immediately change her status in facebook or friendster or myspace to “in a relationship”. Habis semua description kat dlm tu penuh dgn description org yg tgh deeply in love.

Man in a relationship:
He will not change his status in fb or friendster or myspace sampailah one day the girlfriend asks, ”kenapa u tak tukar status ‘single’ you tu jadi ‘in a relationship’?”

Woman in a relationship:
She immediately will change her wallpaper in her handphone and the picture in the desktop to the picture of her and her boyfriend. Nampak sweet sangat2… habis semua gambar2 diorg di’expose’kan kat dalam internet. Trying to broadcast their love story lah konon.

Man in a relationship:
If possible, he wants to hide all the pictures that the girlfriend takes in his handphone. He feels like te deleteall of them.affraid that maybe his friends might overlook someday. Nampak mcm mat kental pulak simpan gambar berlaga2 pipi dengan girlfriend dalam handphone. What more in the internet. Not a chance la he wants to broadcast their relationship in internet.

Woman in a relationship:
She will start marking her calendars for special events like first date, first lunch together, first time holding hand, first movie together, first time walking in the rain together, first kiss, first time taking a bus because his car run out of gas, first time he smile showing off his teeth, first time taking a commuter together, first dance, first candlelight dinner, first picnic together, first football game together, first vacation, first bla bla bla

Man in a relationship:
When the girl ask them, “Sayang, you ingat lagi tak bila kita first time keluar dating?” and he will answer, “Erk, last month kot? Ke last year? I tak ingat lah darling…”

Woman in a relationship:
From the first time they go out as a couple, she starts to collect every single thing related to them as memories. Movie tickets, bus and LRT tickets, cards, receipts of dinners and lunches, receipt masuk toilet kat KLCC pun nak simpan jugak. Then, she will nicely put them in a log book, paste them and decorate them with all the nice and flowery words. Once a while, she will open the book and take a look at them, recalling all the memories they create together.

Man in a relationship:
Jangan kata simpan, kalau boleh semua benda tu dia buang dulu, jgn lah tinggal merata2, especially in his car. His excuse will be, “Nanti ayah I pakai kereta and dia nampak ada resit parking kereta kat karaoke ni, habis I kena marah.’

Woman in a relationship:
Can’t live a second without any news from her boyfriend. If possible, she needs to be wherever he is. And if she can’t be with him, she needs to get calls or sms or emails from him, like all the time. Bgn pagi je terus capai handphone and call. “You dah bgn ke belum? Tido mimpi I tak?”. After one hour, she calls again asking him whether he already had his breakfast, whether he has arrived at the workplace, whether he has parked his car at the correct place, whether he has sat down at his chair, whether he has switched on his computer (so that they can continue chatting at facebook pulak).

Man in a relationship:
After the tenth sms, then only he will reply by saying, “MEETING.” When the girlfriend calls and asking the same things for the hundredth times, he will answer, “You ni tak percaya kat I ker, asyik tanya I kat mane, I kat mane.” And when she wants to talk over the phone for a long time, he trying to imagine the phone bills at the end of the month, and he will cut off and say, “Sayang, I ada kerja ni, nanti I call u lagi, ok.” And he never returns the call.

Woman in a relationship:
Not enough with calls and sms, she wants to chat with him over Ym or facebook or myspace. Sudah tu, if the boyfriend doesn’t online, she will get mad, send him nasty emails and sms and say. “You dah tak sayang I dah.”

Man in a relationship:
Eh, tak cukup lagi ke dengan call and sms, nk kena chatting pulak, nak kena email jugak??? *Confused* Esok kalau kahwin ni, aku kena ikat ker kena gari agaknya?

Woman in a relationship:
If they got into fight, habis semua orang tau. Of course people will know, she will write their fighting moment in internet. Tu baru 15 minit gaduh tu. And people will start asking, what happen, are you okay, bla bla bla….

Man in a relationship:
He doesn’t even know that they are fighting until one of the girl’s friend calls him and ask, “Kau gaduh dengan girlfriend kau ker?” He couldn’t care less. Tu pun he will answer, “Taklah, Selisih paham sikit je. Ala, gaduh sikit, Sehari dua oklah tu.”

PS: Men and women, they are too much of differences, yet, they are uniquely put together. How strange, huh? That is God’s greatest creation, Human.

BEL class

last friday, we had a BEL class..(class bi kt uitm)
during the class our lecturer asked us to make groups
then we need to say about our principles in our life
this is my answer


i may not a perfect girl
i had been trough lots of things
i had suffer for a long times
i had bad and good experience
and everything taught me to be strong
make me change to a tough girl
never be regret
and smile in any of conditions

i proud of myself for not cry over easily
because it will only show the weakness
make people look down on us
i hold this words since my mother got sick
and surely i will hold it till the end

experience is the best teacher
and this 2years really taught me many things

Thursday, June 28, 2012

sebulan di menara gading

tak tau nak tulis ape...rrr..rrr
tak tau nk describe ape feeling kt sini..
sometimes seronok..
sometimes stress...
so far tiap2 minggu keluar..
so blom prnh rase lg fully weekend kt uitm ni

jarak antara fakulti n kolej kediaman kitorang agak jauh n kitorg terpakse naik tangge yg juga dikenali as "tangga batu cave"
tue baru namanye mandaki tangga kejayaan....

so far class mate aku ok..
cume kitorg xde ice-breaking
so x bape nk kenal sume sangat
but so far aku dah ade kawan nak hang out slalu

aku enjoy kt sini..
just nak share kt reader blog ni *kalau ade la
aku seronok kat sini
sume org sempoi
n kalau sesape dapat palam ni
masukla.. fresh air giler kt sini


Monday, June 18, 2012

melangkah bersama di UITM Puncak Alam

semoga senyuman yang terukir di bibir ini tidak akan hilang
sehingga keluar dari